Unless you’re blind and ‘watch’ the UFC solely through the magic of Mike Goldberg’s amazing play by play, you’ve seen Pretorian featured prominently on the shirts of half the Brazilian fighters in the UFC. Unfortunately for all those guys, the UFC has just banned Pretorian from sponsoring fighters in the future:

MMA managers were sent a memo from the UFC at the weekend telling them that the brand and its associated logos are no longer permitted to be worn inside the Octagon or during any of a fighter’s official UFC undertakings.

No reasons for the sudden ban was given in the memo. The move is a surprising one as Pretorian has until now forged fairly deep links with the UFC, featuring on the Octagon canvas and corner posts as well as on numerous fighters.

This is gonna suck for half the fighter population of Brazil, who were often able to avoid going the F-1 driver / Vitor Belfort route by having Pretorian as a key sponsor. Whether this comes down to the company being unwilling to pony up enough money to the UFC for the right to sponsor fighters or some sort of Affliction-style conflict of interest banishment has yet to be seen. But don’t worry, I’m sure we’re going to hear from 30 or 40 fighters soon on the subject. Get your Portuguese to English Google translator ready and hope it can handle a lot of swearing.