My God these MiddleEasy guys. While we’re busy over here being cynical debbie downers about everything, they’re busy enthusiastically posting up awesome positive shit like this dubstep remix of the PRIDE FC theme. Nothing seems to get them down. While the rest of the MMA world scratched its head in confusion at Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar, it took ME’s Jason Nawara all of three sentences to go from WTF to Hell Yeah.

I’m really not sure what we are about to see here. But I guess I’m down to watch it. Actually, yeah, hell yeah I’m down.

Oh, to be enthusiastic like that again. All I can do is grumble about how it’s a pointless match that makes no sense and a throwback to the days of freaky can-crusher PRIDE fights. “But bro” my Inner MiddleEasy says. “Those were awesome!” This fight is like a modern day remix of PRIDE style matchmaking. And just like dubstep, I guess it can be okay in small doses.