When Dana White announced that the next season of The Ultimate Fighter would not only be coached by two females (one of them being Ronda Rousey), but that both men and women would be competing on the show, the MMA world collectively gasped. Or in Rogan’s case, made a bunch of funny faces.

Boundaries were being pushed. Precedents were being set. Glass ceilings shattered. What were we to make of it all?

While we never know what’s in store for us when TUF gets its annual ‘revamp’ I think we can safely predict a few outcomes:

1.       This will be the highest-rated season of TUF on FX

If the buy-rates for UFC 157 are any indication, Ronda Rousey is a bona fide star. If half a million people were willing to pay to watch her perform, imagine how many will tune in to ogle her for free?

2.       There will be banging

Based on the average level of attractiveness of most female MMA fighters I don’t think this season will turn into The Ultimate Fuckfest. Still, you just know the producers are going to cast at least one slut from each gender in the hopes of producing some sexy night vision footage. Do you think War Machine can cut to 135?

3.       Bryan Caraway will try to fight Ronda Rousey

If Meisha Tate nabs the other coaching slot (and let’s face it, she will) she’s likely going to bring her obnoxious boyfriend with her. Considering he threatened to knock Rousey’s teeth down her throat over Twitter, I’d love to hear what he’ll threaten to shove down her throat in person.

4.       Fallon Fox will try out for both the men and women’s tournaments and win them both.

“Congratulations Fallon Fox, you are the next Ultimate Fighter.”