CagePotato done seen the future.

According to Barnett’s manager Leland LaBarre, Barnett has officially declined the promotion’s latest contract offer.

We agreed on guaranteed compensation,” LaBarre said. “In fact, we never even countered. We accepted their original offer.

“However, there are some outlying issues — one in particular — that as of this point we were unable to agree on.”

As sad as I am that Zuffa didn’t try to stick Josh with a “whatever Bellator offers + a buck” offer, this raises all new questions about Josh’s motives for turning down the deal.  There are barely ANY heavyweights that aren’t in the Evil Empire’s grasp anymore.  And how often do you hear about MMA contracts not being signed when money isn’t the problem?  Let’s run through a few possibilities.

  • Refusal to remove green and brown M&M’s from backstage green room
  • Fears a Geronimo dos Santos rematch
  • Took out a restraining order against Daniel Cormier after their bout
  • Believes that the right kind of shit talk will draw Cole Konrad away from futures trading
  • Zuffa’s ongoing and indefensible ban on cool metal shit during walk ins
  • Fears a Nandor Guelmino rematch
  • Knows that Joe Rogan will put up more of a fight during his insipid post-fight nonsense

Or it has something to do with the fact that Josh Barnett has been caught by the NSAC and CSAC (which aren’t the most widely respected regulatory bodies on the planet) a combined three times for using performance enhancing steroids.  It’s really anybody’s guess.  Eager to hear your suggestions (and the gnashing of your teeth/lamentations of your women).

h/t MMAFighting