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There’s a lot of guys who bitch and cry when they get injured … Kalib Starnes comes to mind. And then there are those who look at the bright side, even when their injuries involved their leg snapping in half like a fucking twig. Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons comes to mind there. You can see the footage of his brutal injury above, and then you can read his reaction to the resulting surgery here:

“They placed, actually, a titanium pin down the middle of his tibia, and the surgery was very successful,” Mahood said. “The orthopedic surgeon feels that the leg will heal probably stronger than it was before. Pele is quite encouraged to the fact that now he has a titanium plate in the middle of his leg and he’ll probably be able to kick harder.”

And now Pele is apparently back at the gym, being a psycho and wandering around without crutches or anything:

“Pele is nuts, man!” Gill said with an incredulous laugh. “He broke his leg on Thursday, had surgery, came back in the gym on Monday and he was walking no crutches or nothing. So four days later he was running around, talking Brazilian and yelling at everybody — he’s crazy man.”

Then Gill said something truly scary about the man who is widely regarded as having some of the hardest leg kicks in MMA: “Before he used to beat the crap out of us, and now he’s got metal in his leg like a baseball bat to beat us up with, so I’m not looking forward to that.”

So I guess Friedrich Nietzsche was right: what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Unless of course all that walking around and kicking with a half healed leg results in Pele crippling himself. In which case Nietzsche was completely wrong.