A while back we ‘reported’ that pee tests in Nevada might be getting a bit more personal due to Thiago Silva’s pee swapping attempt. Now the details of exactly what that entails are out, and they’re pretty fucked up:

“When Thiago Silva came in he pulled down his shorts and showed his actual penis, but as he turned towards the toilet he palmed a bottle, grabbing his penis in the other hand, pretended like he was urinating but was really putting the contents of bottle into the sample. We know now that Thiago’s sample was fake urine. It took him until the B sample to fess up to that,” NSAC head Keith Kizer tells MMAFA.tv

“So the changes that we’re making are – and it’s unfortunate we have to go to this level because guys like Thiago Silva and Kevin Randleman ruined it for the bunch – that you need to see the urine coming out of the penis and into the cup.

“All fighters will be shirtless, and they shouldn’t have a problem with that since they fight shirtless in front of thousands of people anyway, and they will pull their pants down to the knees and then urinate right in front of the inspector. They have to see the urine actually going into the vial.”

Yes, I’m sure that because fighters compete shirtless all the time, they’ll be comfortable standing nearly naked with their shorts around their ankles pissing while someone stares intently at their junk. Those two things are practically the same! That’s what I thought anyways … the lifeguards at the public pool didn’t seem to agree as much.

But they (and the police that followed) just aren’t as reasonable as Kieth Kizer. Because it only makes sense that if two people are caught over a five year stretch of time (Randleman got nailed in 2006), everyone should have to suffer through invasive genitalia examinations during pee tests. Now excuse me while I go figure out how I can be the person to watch Gina Carano urinate.