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As usual, those of you who missed out on the Facebook prelim portion of Saturday’s UFC on Versus 6 event missed out on some pretty badass action. One particular performance that really deserves more attention is that of UK jitz wiz Paul Sass. Sass is now 12-0 with with 8 of those wins coming via triangle (or as some call it, Sassangle). He’s also shown that if you spend too much time trying to keep your face out of his leg n crotch squeeze, he’ll happily shred your leg with a heel hook.

Calling Paul Sass a one trick pony isn’t exactly fair. Triangles are one trick. The heel hooks are another. And his superglue grip once he gets a hold of you is pretty impressive too. So it turns out he’s really a three trick pony. And how many tricks must a pony perform before you’re like “Damn, that’s a pretty cool pony! I would take him home, feed him carrots and apples, and we’d be best friends forever!”

After the jump, a Paul Sass highlight documenting several of the triangles that earned him a record for the most consecutive triangle choke wins in MMA history!

[youtube phteOkWB34E]