[youtube Iu6EYRVsDVo]

The world’s most adorable carcass quarterer has done something precious again. It seems that the UFC has published a web show is called Up Close and Personal with Paula Sack. Nothing out of the ordinary there. What’s special is that during this episode, Rousimar Palhares acts like a cross between a tittering first grader and Pepé le Pew before letting out a bashful “oh, man!” when hot chick Paula Sack shows up at his gym chanting “Let’s go, Toquinho!”

Evidently, this is the first time someone has filmed the way that Palhares gets so ripped. He lifted for three of a total of 13 workouts during the week when this was filmed, he started off with a 300kg leg press, which he followed up with a respectable 135 pounds on the bench. He then maxed out at over 300 pounds on the bench and did the clean and jerk with what appeared to be 275 pounds or so.

Palhares is so vicious with leglocks and generally insane that every time he does something cute, like eating a dog food-flavored birthday cake, it’s like water to the parched daisy of our souls. Skip to 1:14 of the above video to see him swoon at getting attention from a hot chick for the first time since being let out of that basement a few years back.