The Foot Gods giveth, and the Foot Gods taketh away. If you told me someone was going to limp away from the Rousimar Palhares / Hector Lombard fight, I’d have assumed that someone was Hector Lombard. Instead it ended up being Paul Harris:

“During the fight, my kick was working well,” stated Palhares, who went to the hospital immediately after the fight. “But soon in the first round, one of my kicks hit Lombard’s shin below his knee. I heard a snap, and I knew something bad happened.

“From that moment on, I [started] feeling my foot more and more numb and without strength to walk around the octagon. It was a very complicated situation. I went through something similar in the fight against Jeremy Horn when I broke my hand during the fight.”

This explains why Toquinho looked so terrible on Friday night. Lombard stalked the Brazilian leg lock specialist like a lion stalks wounded prey because that’s exactly what Palhares was. It’s one of those fights that feels like a wash due to unfortunate happenstance. The goal when you put together two guys like Lombard and Palhares is to come out with an idea of who the better fighter is. Who knows how things would have turned out if Palhares hadn’t fucked his foot up a minute into the fight?