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It seems like a lot of people have strong opinions on the subject of the Daley vs Diaz stoppage. Personally I would have loved to see the round end and Daley get dragged onto his stool a la Anderson Silva / Rich Franklin 2. But stupid refs looking out for fighter health had to get in the way.

What did Paul Daley happen to think of things? Here he is on Facebook:

“Is in good health. Some u win, some u lose. A little frustrating, I made mistakes I told myself I wouldn’t do. A little to rushed. Think the stoppage was early, especially with so little time left in the round. Now some timw off, a few holidays and some downtime. See what’s next. Team Semtex all day. Love u all….still, including the… HATERS. Mwah.”

So he thought the stoppage was bunk too. But considering how loudly he normally spazzes about anything he thinks is bullshit, maybe he doesn’t think it was THAT bunk? Or maybe this was just a teaser of what we’re gonna be hearing for the next 3 months from him.

To be fair to Paul, missing a bell saver by 3 seconds is the kind of thing that’d eat at any fighter, especially considering how close he came to winning a few time. The stoppage seemed kinda early to me, but I have a hard time telling how badly Nick Diaz is fucking his opponents up. One second they’re firing off KO punches and the next they’re falling flat on their faces.