Paul Daley is in a bit of an interesting situation right now – he signed with Bellator and was set to fight on their big premiere show before mysterious bar brawl charges messed up his visa permit. Next he announced he was going to fight in the UK. And then he announced Bellator was trying to stop him from fighting in the UK. That hasn’t kept him from continuing to shop around for an opponent…

“Since Marcus Davis has declined to fight me, Who would you guys like to see me fight? The promoters are securing an opponent…but as a lot of people seem scared to fight me, its always good to have some back up ideas.”

Meanwhile, Bellaprez Bjorn Rebney is trying to be all reasonable about their heavy hitting UK fighter trying to emancipate himself from their organization:

We’re trying to make that work, but there’s a process that we have to go through. There’s a regimented process with paperwork and approvals and the like. We’re worldwide exclusive promoters, and we’re trying to work through it, and I’m hoping we can get something done, but that remains to be seen.

Translation: “I’d like to help, but Paul Daley is technically owned by Viacom now and shareholders aren’t convinced letting him fight in the UK is good for their interests.”