Having stood in the ring with Patrick Cote and seen firsthand the size of the guy, may I note how effing crazy it is that the former light heavyweight fighter is now dropping down to welterweight? Because it is. The deets:

“We’ve been thinking about it since about a year now. I think now it’s the time,” Cote told MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday. “I was a pretty decent middleweight a couple years ago, but now those guys are really, really big. They’re cutting from like 230, 225, and I’m walking around at 205 so I spoke with my coach and my nutritionist and it’s doable so we’re going to do it.”

Cote says the plan to move to welterweight was already in place following his original fight against Sakara in November, but once the rematch was offered by the UFC he decided to go ahead with one last match-up at 185lbs.

“I was staying at 185 because of this rematch, but it’s not going to happen. We’re not sure when he’s going to be ready to fight, so for me it was just the right time to do it,” Cote stated.

The ironic thing here is that Patrick’s drop to 170 was sped up by the cancellation of his rematch against Sakara. The reason? Sakara was having issues with his kidneys. What causes something like that? Cutting too much weight. So let’s hope Cote has his science down pat with this move to welterweight.