Well, if getting high marks on a test means you win, then Pat Healy certainly did win at his marijuana test at UFC 159. After he submitted Jim Miller, though, he lost credit for his more meaningful Athletic Commission-sanctioned win and $135,000. He must be pretty happy about his treatment by Dana and Company, because he now feels as though the UFC is treating it as if he actually won the fight:

I can’t really say for sure, but I think they’re kind of treating me the same as they were before the Miller fight was overturned. It kind of feels like it to me, because of the things that went on behind the scenes. I renegotiated my contract after the last fight and stuff like that. I feel like they’re treating it as if I won, and the no contest didn’t take too much from me. My new contract is for 4 fights, this will be my first one on it.

Interesting that the UFC actually went out of its way to re-up Healy’s contract right after he failed the pot test. After all, he’s only halfway plus a few nasty tweets to being branded an “idiot” and fired like Matt Riddle. Perhaps this is a sign that the UFC is willing to double down on fighters who have tested positive for low levels of marijuana in the aftermath of several sanctioning bodies’ decisions to raise the allowable thresholds for marijuana metabolites. It’s good to see sanity prevailing at the contract level as well as legally.