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Pat Barry’s manager is claiming that it was an eye poke and not Shawn Jordan’s power that put his client down for the count:

On Monday, Barry’s manager, Brian Butler of SuckerPunch Entertainment, sent shots of the fight and the apparent eye poke to Bleacher Report, along with photos of the fighter’s damaged eye a day after the fight occurred.

Butler made it clear that he is taking it upon himself to bring this to light, and Barry is never a fighter that wants to appear as if he’s making excuses for a loss.

“The eye poke is what stopped Pat.  He was not dazed or even close to being unconscious,” Butler told Bleacher Report on Monday.  “Watch the way he just turtles up to cover his eye.  If it was more blatant, the ref would have given Pat time to recover, but it was hard to see.

“You can see Pat actually almost tap to motion the ref it was his eye, but Shawn was hitting so fast he couldn’t remove his glove from his eye.”

There are certain aspects of Butler’s story that check out. For instance, Pat gets back up right after the finish and you can see him point at his eye and say something to his team. So you can conclude that Pat and Brian really do think he was poked in the eye.

But after going through the finish several times frame by frame, there’s not one strike from Shawn Jordan that came with his hands open and there’s no video evidence of a finger getting into Pat Barry’s eye. I see a whole lotta fist, but that’s it. There have been cases in the past where fighters take a punch right to the eye and they swear they’ve been poked, so maybe it was that? Here’s Butler’s blurry Loch Ness image turned into a Zapruder:


Being generous, the thumb might have been a factor, but not in Ye Olde Chuck Liddell fashion. At most it was an inadvertant part of the punch, not part of any eye poke. Butler says he hasn’t decided if they’re going to file an appeal or not but knowing Pat Barry, I doubt he’ll allow things to get to that point. Especially considering there’s barely any evidence whatsoever that there was a poke at all.