Thanks to the development of the camera phone we can pretty much expect to see anything on the internet within a 24-hour period. So when I stated I was scouring the interwebs for Pat Barry’s celebration video of Rose Namajunas’ Invicta 5 win I took that shit seriously. No one rocks the celebration scene harder than one Pat Barry and on Friday night he showed us all, once again, why he’s the master of celebrations.

[youtube NKeYD0GWdxo]

In classic celebratory fashion Barry went from complete and utter jubilation to looking at Namajunas through the cage as if both were in an intense staring contest and Barry wasn’t about to break his stare – all while mean-mugging and head bopping to some Deadmau5 remix of California Love. Why wouldn’t you want Barry in your corner hyping you up and saying, “That trick ain’t got nothing on you, nothing!” Yea, you know you would.