Evil gypsy curse lady is cackling from whatever hellish dimension she resides in as Alistair Overeem has failed the random drug test administered by the NSAC after the UFC 146 press conference. There’s a tiny chance his B sample could clear him or that his 10:1 T/E reading is because he’s somehow naturally 10 times the man everyone else is. But the general consensus right now is he’s screwed. Dana White talks about his heavyweight supercard’s main event going down in flames:

“I am beyond pissed about this. I’m so (expletive) mad right now I can’t even begin,” said White, in an interview with The Star Phoenix. “How (expletive) stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb.

“Anybody who’s using (performance-enhancing drugs) right now is an absolute (expletive) moron. It’s beyond – what’s the word I’m looking for – it’s beyond belief. It’s beyond comprehension. You’re an absolute moron, a brain-dead absolute (expletive) dummy. It goes beyond a guy having any common sense whatsoever.”

White added that Overeem told both himself and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta that he could pass any and all drug tests given to him when he signed his contract. 

At the time of his comments, White said he had no plan B ready to deal with the sudden vacancy at the top of his May 26th card. Fortunately for him, there are a couple of people willing to step up for a title shot. Frank Mir has already made his case to get onto the card, and Fedor Emelianenko’s people put up a couple of polls on Facebook to push the idea that ‘Fedor should be signed and brought in to fight Dos Santos.’ 

So … excited for Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir?