While it’s by no means a done deal, the big rumble rumble across the fight webs is that Alistair Overeem is uberclose to locking up a deal with the UFC. As evidence, I present to you little more than a forum post from Shane Carwin:

I had a chance to speak with [Overeem] at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas (no we were not the big and tall models) and he said that he and Dana were close to a deal and he would likely be in the UFC before 2012. I think he would make a great addition to the roster.

The guys over at BJPenn.com are also hearing the same thing:

Multiple sources are saying that Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem, is close to inking a deal with the UFC, exclusively.

Word is his debut is being targeted for the UFC 140 Toronto show on December 10th. As for who he’ll fight, only Dana and Joe Silva know. But Frank Mir is open to that fight:

“Alistair Overeem would be pretty cool if he actually came over. I think he’s a great fighter, I think he’s done a lot in this sport, his K-1 accomplishments, I think he’s an immediate threat. I’d like to test myself against him.”

Shane Carwin is also sitting around twiddling his thumbs. Twiddling them when he isn’t typing up salacious rumors about new heavyweight signees, that is.