Alan Overeem has been largely out of the spotlight since his steroid suspension in April. A new episode of the Reem went over all the salient parts of that saga, but other than that, nada, zero zilch. Now Overeem has taken to twitter to declare:

Overeem’s suspension lasts 9 months from March 27th, meaning he’s good to go on December 27th … two days before the UFC’s big New Years card in Vegas. This isn’t a coincidence. When the Nevada athletic commission reduced his sentence from 12 month to 9 months for his oh so refreshing candor and ‘honesty’, they helpfully suggested that perhaps Alistair would return to Nevada for the UFC’s December 29 card. Sorry about catching you doing steroids, old chap. Hope this doesn’t keep you from returning to our fair state!

So will Overeem actually return on the card? Fighters say all sorts of stuff on twitter and there’s no reason to believe the UFC has actually decided on this already. On the other hand, the promotion is hurting for big fights like a crack addict hurts for a fix. Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta are playing good cop / bad cop on this one, with White saying he’s having nothing to do with Overeem. If Lorenzo books the Reem for NYE, Dana can just shrug off any criticism and blame the guy who doesn’t deal with the press.

So possibility of this happening: high.