Alistair Overeem has made it no secret that he plans to fight on December 29th for the UFC heavyweight championship. Standing in his way: a steroid suspension that is in effect until two days before the event, and the concept that scheduling a fighter for a title bout before his punishment for cheating is over is grotesque in the extreme. It would be a sad day indeed for this gentlemanly sport if we allow such transgressions, I say! But Overeem cares not for our sense of sportsmanship. Here he is revealing he’s got a date with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to talk it over:

A very important factor is my license. I’m not licensed yet to fight, so of course the UFC cannot promote anything. I gotta get my license first. And I’m now scheduled to, uh. I’m able to reapply for my license in December a couple days before the fight. But we have a strategy. We’re going to go in front of the commission sooner with the argument of good behavior. We have been doing random tests on our own. They were all witnessed by an independent doctor. In the hope of getting a license sooner. I think we will get it sooner. Maybe a conditional license that I have to appear and do some random tests. We have a set date this month [to appear before the commission]. Nothing [is] confirmed, we’re gonna try and get it. Hopefully we will.

We’ve already noted that NSAC head Keith Kizer doesn’t seem all that thrilled with the idea of Overeem fighting on the UFC’s year end card. But one thing I’ve started to realize over the past several commission hearings is Kizer only has so much power. Past that, it’s the NSAC board that votes on these things and they’ve revealed themselves to be unabashed Overeem ass lickers. They already praised his ‘honesty’, shortened his steroid suspension from a year to six months, and straight up stated he’d be welcome back for this event. A special license agreement wouldn’t shock me at all. Hell, at this point a back massage and foot rub wouldn’t be all that surprising.