We’ve seen a grand total of 4 minutes of Ronda Rousey fighting in MMA over her four pro fights and two amateur fights. That’s not very long at all – I spend longer masturbating to my Ronda shrine every night (although I do stop every 30 seconds to insert another tack, which is why I last so long). This has raised criticisms from Ronda-haters that she is a one trick pony with no real experience. I guess she won that Olympic medal off pure sass alone, huh?

Speaking of Olympic medals, Iron Forges Iron took the time to compile and upload a ton of Ronda Rousey judo and grappling videos. So if you want to get to know Ronda better fight-wise, go check them out. If she doesn’t finish Miesha Tate off in under 2 minutes, you might see some of the techniques she’ll use during their fight.