When it comes to Xyience, there’s always one guy you can rely on to go over every scrap of documentation available and report on the sketchiness within: Rich Bergeron. For those of you who are new to the site, Rich is actually being sued by Xyience for fucking with their shit. Rich is countersuing because you can’t really sue someone for telling the truth.

The latest batch of documentation that came out was related to Xyience’s bankruptcy sale and it contained a big list of people who have never been paid … a veritable who’s who of MMA (or rather a who’s screwed of MMA, considering the circumstances here):

Chuck Liddell had one-million shares of Xyience stock according to 2005 and 2006 audit numbers from A.J. Robbins. Creditors in the Xyience bankruptcy case include: Travis Lutter; Rich Franklin, Inc.; Matt Serra; Heath Herring; Evan Shoman; and Anderson Silva Enterprises, Incorporated. Bankruptcy paperwork lists several other UFC fighters with Xyience financial issues. The company says they “may be in payment default” in regards to: Michael Bisping ($2,000); BJ Penn ($25,000); Forrest Griffin ($43,333.35); Matt Hughes ($49,999.98); Rich Franklin ($21,000); Josh Koscheck ($21,666.68); Chuck Liddell ($165,000); and Mike Swick ($28,083.35). Other MMA personalities sponsored by Xyience have also been hung out to dry. Payments have also been neglected for: Cung Le ($40,664) and Xyience Model Rachelle “Leah” ($50,000).

Man, I would lose my shit if someone owed me fifty grand.