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Some guys are dogs. They just cannot help themselves. Their pathetically low self-esteem disallows them the option of ignoring any women who pays them the slightest attention. Not Jon Jones though. The UFC light-heavyweight champion, who if you recall was busted for drinking and driving with not one, but two beautiful young hunnies in his pimp-moblie who WERE NOT his “old lady,” is not such a man. In an interview with ESPN, Jones says he won’t entertain the classy female fans who want his John Hancock on their tits:

“Anything I won’t sign? Women’s body parts. My old lady at home probably won’t appreciate that one so I try to refrain from that.”

There you have it. Jon Jones is a family man and does not condone the signing of breasts, but drunken carousing with multiple chicks is perfectly acceptable. Hey, maybe his “old lady” is cool with that. Who are we to judge?