The women in Invicta are hungry and put on a great card this weekend, with Cyborg demolishing Fiona Muxlow, Michelle Waterson’s hitchhiker escape, and Thug Rose ain’t even having time for a full round.  Miriam Nakamoto also had a TKO over a Jessamyn Duke in the first round of their bantamweight fight, but ahh…

Well, it was illegal is what is it, but a rule’s a rule and as long as we’re living in this reality, Big John should have taken a point from Nakamoto and Duke been given five minutes to recover.  Instead, he waffled around a bit and claimed he was stepping in to stop the fight from the first knee which is also a shady call since her trainer says she was still alive and kicking at that point.  If there’s anything MMA fans hate more than bad rules, it’s ref mistakes!  Duke was awake bright and early this morning filing her appeal, and look for this to be ruled no contest, which is unfortunate for both fighters.

When you’ve been reffing as long as Big John McCarthy has, it’s kind of a given that you must go on autopilot sometimes.  It’s gotta be like the cage version of white line fever where Big John’s watching for fence grabbing and shots to the back of the head, but then the big questions start to drift in like: what’s one half of three quarters, what was the name of Michael’s wife in The Godfather that got blown up, and how good would a Snickers bar be if you replaced the peanuts with corn nuts?*  And then suddenly there’s the clackers or a fighter’s unconscious on the mat.  But don’t worry, Big John.  We still love you more than Steve Mazzagatti, and both Yamasakis put together.

(*I don’t know either, Appollonia, and probably not as good as it sounds.)

(pic by Esther Lin for Invicta, via her awesome All Elbows gallery of the event)