[youtube KKhcXczbrNY]

Apparently Mark Munoz can’t shake his nice guy persona even when he’s trying to verbally abuse a fellow UFC middleweight or at least that’s what I think he was trying to do. If you’re like me then your first thought after watching this “impromptu” interview was, “Where the hell has Mark Munoz been?” If you remember a year ago Munoz was the recipient of the Chris Weidman “elbows and punches in bunches” award during their fight at UFC of FUEL TV – another fine display of refereeing by Mr. Josh Rosenthal, where is Josh these days?

Let’s set aside the fact that the video itself reminds me of those awkwardly cut promos from back at UFC 43, and try to follow Munoz’s train of thought throughout this entire fluster cluck of a video. Damn it, I just can’t do it. I find myself becoming increasingly bored with every viewing so you’ll have to make your own assessment. However if Munoz is trolling for a fight, at some point within the next five years, by talking shit about another fighter it’s pretty obvious he’ll need to enroll in the Chael P. Sonnen School for the Verbally Ungifted to get the job done.