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Remember Maquiel Falcao, that crazy Brazilian guy who was cut from the UFC due to some unresolved issues surrounding the assault of a woman? He’s churning away in the South American minor leagues, hoping for a chance to get back to the big show. While he’s still pretty fuzzy about the assault thing, he did fully explain why he went Donkey Kong on one of his past opponents after the fight was over:

But some Falcao critics don’t see it quite so simply. They point to a 2007 win over Leandro Gordo – in which Falcao had to be pried off his opponent by the referee and several others in attendance – as an example of what “Big Rig” is capable of when tempers flare.

Falcao admits he acted inappropriately in that post-fight meltdown but said there was much more going on behind the scenes of that matchup than most people know.

“Before the fight, he went on different radio shows to badmouth me and my family,” Falcao said. “He does this to intimidate his opponents, and with me he did it way more than usual. Before the fight, he scaled the wall of my home, stole my fight shorts and showed up wearing them on fight day. On top of that, he sent people to my home to threaten me. This made me lose my head.”

The dude. Climbed into Falcao’s house. Stole his fight shorts. And wore them to the fight. My god this Leandro Gordo!