Ronda Rousey was on hand at UFC on FOX 8 to hit that fist pose and smile for the camera after promos for Co-Ed TUF aired. Between that coaching gig, a part in the new Expendables movie, and her fight with Miesha Tate on New Years eve, she’s got a pretty busy fall planned out. Too busy to think about Cris Cyborg, apparently:

“I mean yeah, she’s always on my radar,” said Rousey at this weekend’s UFC event. “But I have a really, really full plate and she has nothing to worry about but me.”

Rousey (7-0) downplayed questions regarding a future fight against Justino, saying if Justino wants it, “she needs to get off her a– and try to make (it) happen.”

“I have a lot of things going on,” Rousey said. “She’s fighting random chicks. I mean, Marloes — it took her longer and more energy to beat Marloes than it took Miesha (in July 2011).

“It’s only the MMA diehards that want to see that fight. I have so many things going on. If she really wants to make that fight happen, I’m here.”

Look, I get it: Cris Cyborg isn’t making this easy on anyone with her refusal to even try and get down to 135, and that puts the UFC in a bad position because they’re currently building their entire women’s division around Ronda at that weight. Do I want Rousey vs Cyborg to happen? Yeah. But it’s a bit more important to set up the foundation for women’s MMA in the UFC first. But to pretend there’s no interest in seeing the two best women in mixed martial arts fight? That’s kinda insulting.

You’d think after the Anderson Silva thing, the UFC would be more protective and proactive when it came to superfights. And yes, Rousey vs Cyborg would be a superfight. I can only hope that when the time is ripe (possibly after the Miesha Tate rematch on NYE) the promotion gets over its fear of Ronda fighting at a 140 pound catchweight and puts this thing together. Honestly, the waiting wouldn’t bother me if I still had confidence in the UFC making these big fights happen eventually. But as it stands, this thing is looking as vapourous as that Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre fight we never got.