Singaporean MMA promotion OneFC announced last weekend that they are planning to hire 150 full-time employees to facilitate their gargantuan output of one MMA show per forever:

ONE Fighting Championship, Asia’s largest and most prestigious MMA organization, is looking to hire another 150 full-time employees to add to its current team as soon as possible.  If you are a superstar with the highest standards of excellence and you have a desire to change the world, then we look forward to welcoming you onto the ONE FC team.

To apply, please submit your CV to [email protected]

To give some perspective on this number of employees, Dana White said in May 2010 that the UFC had 140-150 employees before the opening of its Canada office, which employed about 12-15 more people. That’s right, this promotion is so encouraged by the fact that they made the massive revenues associated with giving content away for free on Shitdog that they are expanding their workforce to the point where it’s comparable in size to the UFC’s. (They also have a TV deal in Asia, but I just wanted the chance to say “Shitdog”.)

This is a move of the utmost retardation and it tells us that OneFC is probably as long for this world as zombie Frank Shamrock, who I actually think is already dead. It positively reeks of the situation that occurred when promotions like EliteXC and the IFL hired so many employees that it dragged them into financial ruin regardless of their TV deals. The only way I can see this being smart in any way is if these 150 people will be paid like sweat shop workers to sew gloves and pound nails into ringposts. Perhaps they could also be talked into gutting fish with dull knives and operating other industrial machinery en route to committing suicide by jumping off the rooftops.

I suppose anything is better than being unemployed and having nothing better to do than to leave comments on Fightlinker all the time. So if you’re out of work, by all means apply, but don’t expect it to last long. If you want a more secure job, and if you feel like working for the Great Satanic Emperor that is Zuffa, the UFC has about 15 paid positions open on their job board. That’s right, the company does 401k matching, and you get the chance to floss Dana White’s asshole.

(Props to MiddleEasy for the find)