For the past three months MMA fans have been getting kicked in the nuts on a daily basis by a steady stream of sh*t-tastic news. Fight cancellations, extended superstar vacations, steroid suspensions, steroid exemptions, stadiums squashed, ratings slumps, stupid legislation, failed legalization, driving under the influence, assault via ring girl (okay, the last two were kinda funny), the list goes on and on.

So it was nice on Saturday night to have some exciting news develop that would be really good for the sport (and my pageviews, bling bling). Pay Per View golden boy Brock Lesnar turned up at UFC 146 and set off a huge speculation bubble that he might be considering a return to the Octagon. Here’s Dana White talking about it at the post-event press conference:

“He texted me and said, ‘I want to come to the fight, but keep it quiet because I don’t want to tell anybody,'” White said. “He said, ‘What are you doing tonight? … I want to talk face to face.’

“You never know with him. He might want to come back. He might just want to hang out.”

So what came of this face to jowly face meeting that happened later that night? According to Dave Meltzer’s F4Wonline, the meeting did not go well and the whole thing might have just been a WWE publicity stunt. Lesnar’s return to WWE PPV resulted in 251,000 buys, pretty turdy when compared to the million plus potential he showed in the UFC. So maybe he was sent over to remind all those people who were into his MMA fights that he’s still alive and rocking the spandex over in the wrasslin world?

Or maybe he’s looking to make a few million bucks per fight again with both the WWE and UFC pimping him hard. That sounds kinda nice too.