It seems the public outcry about wrestling being cut from the 2020 Summer Olympics program has had at least some effect, despite the efforts of The Gay Conspiracy.  At the time, it was thought very unlikely that wrestling would be reconsidered for the sole remaining slot on the program after getting so recently dumped, but it turns out the ancient sport is still in the race.  MMAJunkie reports that today the IOC short-listed wrestling, baseball/softball, and squash for that “wild card” slot, with the final vote to go down in September.

The sport’s governing body FILA is now considering a bunch of appearance and rule changes (some of which are borrowed from MMA) in an attempt to boost its popularity and cause, though it’s already one of the more popular Olympic events.  Speaking of popularity contests, apparently one of the IOC’s selection criteria is the number of followers that a sport’s governing body has on Twitter, so follow @fila_official if you want to help out.  It pains me that silly ol’ Twitter is even a consideration, but here we are… so feel free to set up some fake accounts while you’re at it.

(pic by Joe Camporeale for USA Today)