Poor Yushin Okami. If he’d managed to twist Rich Franklin’s arm 20 more degrees it could have been him fighting Anderson Silva for the belt at UFC77. Instead, he’s officially been stuck in a preliminary slot, which means his fight may not be shown on the PPV. To add insult to injury, Eric Scafer vs Stephan Bonnar and last second addition Kalib Starnes vs Alan Belcher will definately make it onto the televised portion of the event.

One would hope this is some kind of data entry mistake, but of course it’s not. After all, why would you ever want to show a fight which could be for #1 contender status at middleweight? That would just be too smart. Congrats for the UFC continuing to sabotage their middleweight division. It’s almost as bad as the heavyweight division was a year and a half ago.