Just a little reminder: suspensions aren’t forever. While it may seem like Matt Mitrione has been trapped in a crystal and flung into the dark depths of space forever (yeah, I just watched Superman 2), he’ll be back sooner or later. Just like Dave Herman, who was nailed for smoking pot two fights in a row:

Herman has passed that hurdle and was reinstated by Zuffa this week after completing a stint in rehab for his marijuana use.  And while it’s very debatable that the drug is one of addictive pretenses, Herman obviously needed some time to get his orders lined up.

In due time, Herman will be booked and back in the cage.

“He passed everything, so he just wants to get back to his normal life of fighting,” Shu Hirata, his manager, stated.

As for what kind of rehabilitation the UFC has in mind for Mitrione, here’s UFC lawyerdude Lawrence Epstein from back when the UFC’s Code of Conduct was officially launched:

“For example, if you make a discriminatory comment about a certain community, you would be required to provide some community service to that community,” Epstein said.  “In our view that’s going to turn into a benefit.  It’s easy to criticize people you don’t know, but once you get to know somebody, once you get to experience what they’re all about it sort of changes you as a person in a way that money or fines could never do.”

(photo by Laron Zaugg for MMA Weekly)