Ben Henderson is awesome. He hits with brick-smashing hardness, he moves with catlike speed and agility, he chokes people as if he were a snake, and he was a two-time All-American in wrestling while completing a double major in college. I used to wonder how Benson Henderson could be so good at life, but it now turns out that this combination of superhuman traits makes sense because he is actually part model minority.

Henderson has a Korean mother and an African-American father. The fact that Ben Henderson is from the same breeding stock as Tiger Woods and Hines Ward means that he was destined from birth to have, in the immortal words of Robin Williams, both black athleticism and Asian concentration. Rumor has it that he is also able to barbecue and fry a chicken at the same time, garnishing it with both rotten cabbage and watermelon.

The UFC recently paraded Henderson around Asia to promote his upcoming fight in Japan, and he had a chance to snap the above photo when he met his Korean family for the first time. Henderson raved about the experience on Yahoo’s Cagewriter blog, but the question remains, will the Korean public (and, more saliently, the Japanese public) embrace him as one of their own? Not to Zach Arnold out, but the Japanese hate Koreans. However, they love African-Americans. In this case, the Japanese may come to love both Henderson’s Asianness and the stories we tell the Japanese about him living in a broken down school bus by the river.

Some videos of Henderson being Asian are available here.

(talkin’ lots about moms here aren’t we?)