Jake Shields appears to finally be ratcheting up the mind games in advance of his fight with GSP at the SkyDome on April 30th. For you hosers who don’t follow da hockey eh, Toronto and Montreal’s respective professional hockey teams the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens  have a long-standing rivalry that goes back to about 1917. This rivalry has been the reason for innumerable parking-lot fights contested in the dead of winter by generations upon generations of drunken Canadians. And then there’s that whole Quebec/Ontario/rest of Canada thing as well.

The mere sight of a Leafs jersey is probably enough to get a big Canadiens fan like GSP’s blood boiling, so kudos to you, Jake Shields. Kudos. Maybe you should call up Tie Domi and get some training tips.

Full disclosure: I am a long-suffering and miserable fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. And I hate those fuckin’ Habs more than any other team in the NHL. 

Pic via MMACanada.net