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After defeating Chris Clements with a sweet arm triangle at UFC 149, the spirit of William Wallace invaded Matt Riddle’s body, called out Dan Hardy, then declared war on “butter-toothed Brits” over an incident in England where a fan spit in his mouth. And yes, it did make me a tad nauseous to type that.

Hardy, being one of the Crown’s loyal subjects, as well as a gifted orator himself, took offense to that national insult and responded via Twitter:

“Why the hell would I fight Riddle? There is no value in it for me and I’d be forced to look at him more than I have to now.”

See what he did there? He not only responded to the “butter-toothed” comment by implying that Riddle is aesthetically unpleasing, but he dismissed Riddle as an insignificant fighter that he, Dan Hardy, 1-4 in his last five fights, has the right to impugn as a legitimate challenger. It’s a highly effective counter-attack that anyone who engages in the Twitter Wars needed to take note of.

Let’s hope that Riddle counters the counter, because this could get interesting. But he better come correct, cause Hardy aint playin’. That “butter-toothed” business was out of bounds, and a proud Brit like Hardy will answer the spirit of Wallace by harnessing the ghost of Longshanks to institute prima nocte. And that’s when shit really gets ugly.