As if the world didn’t have enough problems: terrorism, nuclear proliferation, economic calamity, not one, but TWO new seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, etc., now we also have a new set of ass-whooping brothers to worry about. Yep, in the spirit of Nick and Nate Diaz and Clay and Jason Guida, the gods of sibling evilism bring us the Pettis Brothers. Okay, maybe the Guidas aren’t a good example. The only ass Jason kicks these days is when he smacks the ever-loving shit out of Clay before he gets in the cage. But you get the point.

Sergio Pettis, only 18 years of age, just signed a five fight deal with Resurrection Fighting Alliance, the same promotion in which Jens Pulver fights, and damned if they aren’t about the same weight. Ugh, this could get ugly for Jens. But anyway, the young Pettis issued a numbingly customary press line to describe his elation, “I am excited to fight for RFA. It’s a great promotion with a lot of really talented fighters. I look forward to the competition and showing the RFA fans what I can do.”

At 5-0 with two submissions and two knockouts, both by head kick, obviously this is a fighter to watch out for. And look at him, he looks just like his brother. If Anthony wasn’t seven years older with a gigantic “Showtime” tattoo across his back it might give one pause to wonder, “Have we ever actually seen Anthony and Sergio in the same place at the same time?”

If they are in fact two separate beings, then this is good news. Someone has to challenge the Diaz brothers for sibling supremacy. And now is the time to strike, while Nick is semi-retired and probably blazed out 23 hours of the day.