Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson did it again: our favorite Chubby Checker impersonator missed weight for his first post-UFC fight. This should be no shock to anyone. The reason he’s no longer in the UFC? Missing weight. Three times. The last time by 13 pounds. This latest cock-up was for Titan Fighting Championships (one of those promotions on HDNet) where once again he was trying to hit that magic 185 mark. His final weight? 194.2.

His opponent Dave Branch and the people at Titan were nice enough to switch the fight to a 195 pound catchweight fight, but note that Branch weighed in at 189.2, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this situation. Johnson will probably step into the cage weighing somewhere north of 210 pounds, and Branch is gonna be at a serious size disadvantage.

Who knows what the hell is going on in Rumble’s head. He used to be a welterweight, cutting down to skeletal proportions to squeeze into the division. Now he can’t even manage to hit 185. There’s a saying that fighters are paid to make weight and fight, the rest isn’t mandatory. Johnson has a long history of screwing up the making weight part, and you’d figure after getting thrown out of the major leagues over it would have smartened him up.