Dana White said he has no problem with the Korean Zombie getting dibs on Jose Aldo after Aldo fights Erik Koch in Calgary this July. That gives Chan Sung Jung some time to raise his game even further, and for the UFC to pull this off:

“I think if they came to Korea; it would build a lot of excitement,” Jung said.

I remember a time when fans would throw this idea around in anticipation until Dana confirmed it on twitter, setting up an exciting event that would take the sport to the next level in another important market.

Now, the UFC will mutter something about not being quite ready for a Korean event and slot the show in Vegas instead. Jose Aldo will slip on a banana peel a few days before the fight and blow every ligament out in both knees, then Chad Mendes will dump n hump the Korean Zombie en route to winning the interim title (which he won’t defend until Aldo is back in 2014).

Boy, that was some jaded sh*t right there, huh? Sometimes it feels like there is a cosmic vampire hanging over the scene these days sucking the passion and joy out of everyone.