• Jimy Hettes dominated Rob Whiteford so thoroughly, if they were in prison, Whiteford would forevermore be giving Hettes his commissary card, shining his shoes and tidying up Hettes’ cell.
  • That was a tough loss for Andy Ogle, but if this MMA thing doesn’t pan out, he’ll always have those royalty checks from the “Lord of the Rings” movies to fall back on.


  • If Jessica Andrade was a female Wanderlei Silva, then Rosi Sexton did a spot-on impersonation of Kazushi Sakuraba a la PRIDE Total Elimination 2003.
  • Piotr Hallmann was doing well against Al Iaquinta until the unbridled caterwauling of Iaquinta’s coaches spooked him. Seriously, ten minutes of Matt Serra and Ray Longo screaming random words in their deep Long Island accents is considered misdemeanor assault in some jurisdictions.
  • John Lineker. So talented, but so fat.
  • Alessio Sakara has sucked for so long now, it’s clear that the only thing keeping him employed is his impressive array of tattoos.


  • Norman Parke looks like he’s just a few ounces of Semtex away from a totally different career path.
  • Clearly, whatever style of karate Ryan Jimmo studied was the wrong kind. He needs the one where they drink piss.

karate SAFE

  • Yeah, Ross Pearson was on the precipice of being killed. That cut and accidental foul saved his ass.
  • When Lyoto Machida mowed down Mark Munoz without even getting touched, you know what was going through Machida’s mind? “Da f–k was I wasting time at light-heavyweight for?”