Last night Khabib Nurmagomedov did what many thought was impossible: he out-grinded Pat Healy, who in turn just out-grinded Jim Miller. Thus he absorbs both their powers like a Highlander. Not only did The Nurma pull off this feat, he did it handily by winning the fight 30-27 across all three judges. Dayum, son. And then there was that killer slam which was not just reminiscent of Matt Hughes but actually inspired by him:

“I was watching a lot of UFC as I was growing up,” Nurmagomedov said. “I was watching Matt Hughes, of course, and I remember that move, and it was kind of my dream to do that one day in the cage. Obviously, I just wanted to make my dream come true.”

That moment in UFC history also happens to be one of Dana White’s favorites, and while Nurmagomedov didn’t end up winning any award bonus money, I’m sure he got a nice fat locker room bonus check dropped in his lap after that performance.

(gif via /r/mma)