Perhaps wanting to counter the perception that Nevada commissioners are grumpy bitches, everyone at this week’s NSAC meeting seemed surprisingly nice to Alistair Overeem during his Totally Accidental Testosterone Injection hearing. How nice?

The suspension start-date was backdated to the failed March 27 drug test, meaning Overeem is free to apply again on Dec. 27. While it would be a tight window, commissioner Francisco Aguilar suggested Overeem would be eligible for the UFC’s customary year-end event, which is expected to take place Dec. 29 in Las Vegas.

The guy literally tried to flee from the random testing session, which has a deja vu ring to it. His defense leading up to the hearing changes several times. He then showed up with a Dr Nick parody and a vial that looks about as medical as a crackpipe. After all this, the commission not only commended him for his honesty – they took 4 months off the standard year-long sentence. Then they rolled out the red carpet for his participation on the UFC’s annual NYE Vegas event, which *shocker* happens two days after that 9 months is up. But that’s just a coincidence. No connection there. No sir.