Kevin Iole gets his hands on some NSAC transcripts and finds Commissioner Lundvall is quite partial to asking fighters if they know how to read / speak english. From boxer Michael Shane Steele’s steroid hearing a year ago:

Lundvall: Do you have any other information that you are willing to share with the Commission to explain why you tested positive for banned substances?

Steele: None. Only the supplements I took and what I was trying to accomplish in taking them.

Lundvall: Do you read English?

Steele: Yes, ma’am.

Lundvall: Do you understand the written word?

Steele: Yes, I believe so.

For the record, Steele is white. Which only matters because King Mo’s manager believes Lundvall’s line of questioning was racist:

“Mike Pyle came in there mumbling that he trains and does grappling and wrestling, but he was never asked if he speaks English or not. Cheick Kongo, who was mumbling shit in half French, wasn’t asked to clarify his English speaking skills. The only athlete that gets asked that 20 minutes after he had been speaking English is a guy named Adekunle Muhammed Lawal. I wonder if she just couldn’t pronounce his f*cking name so she decided to come out of shape. Whatever her intentions were, they were unprofessional, they were uncalled for, and he shouldn’t have to swallow it…This is a bigoted woman who thought she was gonna bully people around… My problem or my grief is with an athletic commission commissioner; a woman that is supposed to be enforcing adequate professionalism is sitting there 20 minutes into a goddamn interview singling out the only person in there that had a weird fucking name and she asked him if he speaks fucking English after 20 minutes of talking to him. To me, that’s unprofessional, uncalled for, and unacceptable.”

I dunno if Kogan knows this, but Cheick Kongo … he’s black too. And he ALSO has a pretty wierd name – Cheick Guillaume Ouedraogo. Not that it means much, just pointing out that by Kogan’s reasoning, Cheick should have also gotten in on some of that racist action too. All I know is that Lundvall seems like an equal opportunity asshole when it comes to commission questioning. A government official treating someone like sh*t? I am shocked.