Nothing gets consumers in the US riled up at midnight like a black Friday sale. It’s almost to the point that as soon as the sale ends on Friday at midnight, we start training and planning for next years black Friday sale.  My fellow Americans, I have terrible news to share. We used to be number 1 in ‘consumer riots,’ but today is a dark day. On November 29 the Playstation 4 went on sale in Germany, and the German video game contingency snatched our rightful title from our cold fall hands faster than a $100 TV flies off the shelf at Walmart on Thanksgiving.  Watch as these Germans run through the local “Media Markt” like the zombies in World War Z and take the title away from us in the game we invented. You can’t spell “Consumer Riot” without the letters U and S, and we have less than 360 days to get our title back! In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin “Join Or Die.”