Howdy folks, Fightlinker here! I am back from the Nevada desert covered in dust and blisters but otherwise no worse for wear. We now return to our regular shit-talking schedule, which includes a chat for tonight’s UFC Fight Night: Teixeira FU Bader event. I’ll be taking advantage of Reno’s casino sportsbooks and betting on a couple of the fights so drop in and laugh as I lose all my money and end up working in a brothel to pay my way back to Canada.

I’d like to thank Dan Brooks, Dick and Jim Genia for holding the fort during my first vacation from blogging in 3 years. Dan will be continuing to guest post for the rest of this week before returning to his Combat blog (not our kind of combat but still a great read), and I’m happy to announce we have blackmailed Dick into sticking around forever, or at least until the world is more understanding of man-donkey love.

And now, a bunch of Mirko Crocop gifs from Sherdog’s ongoing Shoop Tournament via our friend Masato Toys.

(gif by Empty Emp)

Gif by Masato Toys

Gif by Empty Emp

Gif by AJ Woody

Gif by maddwarf