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As you can see from the video above, everyone in America wants to see Jason Mayhem Miller punch Michael Bisping in the face really hard. The hate may actually extend into Bisping’s camp according to Mayhem in a recent blog:

In ironic twist news- I’m totally getting reimbursed for John Dodson’s insubordination. I’m not even asking about Michael’s training, but for some reason all the friends that I’ve had for years that are working with him seem to be inclined to tell me about his camp and what he’s doing. I don’t want or need this info, I’m going to beat him regardless, just found it interesting. Pretty karmic.

This is the latest trend in MMA head games: the ‘mole in the camp’ thing. Rampage started it all when he accused Jon Jones of spying on his training (it turned out to be one of the guys from the Rampage sponsor MusclePharm feeding Jones’ manager info). Now Mayhem is turning it around and proudly proclaiming he’s got people giving him info. Not a bad idea – in the mind of a douchebag a-hole, the possibility of a spy could cause all sorts of friction and turmoil. But if Bisping is feeling the paranoia, he’s not showing it:

“I know for a fact that none of them have been divulging secrets,” Bisping said of his camp. “I think this is a sign of Jason [being] a little bit nervous [about] the impending doom that is coming his way this coming weekend and he’s trying to unsettle my camp. I think he’s looking at the ‘Rampage’ spygate thing and trying to jump on that bandwagon. Good luck, Jason. Good try, but better luck next time.”

What’s shocking to me is how people seem to think Mayhem needs this kind of help. Oddsmakers have Bisping a -220 to Miller’s +175, which is crazy considering this is one of the few times the Brit has had to face off against a wrestler who knows what they’re doing. Mayhem Miller’s resume might not be anything to write home about, but that’s just what happens when you spend 6 years outside of the UFC.

I’m expecting Bisping to get taken down and subbed out. It may not be as satisfying as that Hendo KO, but comeuppance is comeuppance. And we can take extra pleasure in knowing the people sleeping on Mayhem will shit on Bisping even harder when he loses.