Sunday’s WEC event has been delayed until freaking October, supposedly because Benson Henderson is injured. Obviously the official reason is bullshit because when push comes to shove, no one is tuning into the WEC to see Benson Henderson fight.

I bet half of you weren’t even aware this Benson dude was the one co-headlining the show. You just knew that Donald Cerrone was gonna whup some dude for the WEC interim lightweight belt. Who it was didn’t matter, and the idea that the WEC canceled a multi-million dollar show because a guy they pay $5000 per fight got ‘injured’ … well, that’s just bullshit of the highest degree.

So why was the event scrapped? His Holiness Dave Meltzer thinks it has to do with DirectTV threatening to ditch the Versus channel on September 1st, which is coincidentally one day before WEC 43 was supposed to air. From a radio show transcribed by FightOpinion:

“I think that what happened is is that um they that they don’t want to do that show on September 2nd if DirecTV pulls them on September 1st. So, they’re giving them so they’re pulling the show so they have, because it makes no sense for WEC, you know, I … it’s how I read it. I mean maybe Ben Henderson really is hurt, but the thing that’s really strange me to is um it’s like if he really was hurt, they would just put, why don’t they just do the match on the next show? I mean, they’ve never postponed an actual show over someone being injured, they always have a replacement.”

Plus, it’s September 2nd and September 1st is when at this point they may go off DirecTV so you know that seems to add up and plus the other one is is that there, the show isn’t going to be in Youngstown when they do the remake of the show on October the 10th, so to me that also seems to indicate that they sold no tickets in Youngstown plus the Versus thing, so I’m thinking there’s both of those things, I mean I don’t know what the advance was in Youngstown, no one ever told me. And the fact that no one ever told me, probably means it was poor or wasn’t great, if it was great I would have heard.”

There’s no confirmation on ticket sales but hopefully some intrepid MMA journalist digs into that because there’s no way in hell I’m about to do any original reporting of my own. If that’s the case then you’ve got the DirectTV fiasco, shitty ticket sales, and Benson would be strike three. Of course, real life isn’t baseball and no umpire told the WEC “Yer out!” They just said “Fuck this bullshit” and canceled the show.