Ben Fowlkes puts on his trusty reporter’s fedora and looks into a question that’s been burning in the hearts of MMA fans around the world: Is Fabricio Werdum the new WAMMA champion and by extension the real ultimate fighting champion of the universe? Unfortunately, it seems like WAMMA is no more:

The website doesn’t appear as though it’s been updated since November of 2009, former rankings committee members (such as myself and a bunch of other people) haven’t received any remotely recent requests for input on fighter rankings, and emails to WAMMA officials about whether the organization still exists have thus far gone unanswered. In fact, a PR contact who used to work for WAMMA told me he hasn’t been able to get an answer to any emails or phone calls to his former bosses in over six months.

It’s sure starting to seem like WAMMA has just up and quit without telling anyone. Guess that means there’s no one to make Fedor give up that belt if he doesn’t feel like it.

I guess that means Werdum doesn’t get this belt:

Or this one:

Or a ring like this:

Or the crown and scepter I invented to go with it.