Strikeforce has officially announced they’re shutting down after one last show in January. So where does that leave all the fighters on their roster? For guys like Pat Healy, there’s no answer to that question yet: has learned from sources close to Healy’s camp that “Bam Bam” is still waiting to hear about his future beyond Strikeforce and wasn’t even assured a UFC run for taking a tilt at the organization’s final event on January 12.

The 29-year old was originally scheduled to face champion Gilbert Melendez at the show before the title-holder ducked out with injuries related to the same issue forcing him to withdraw from a September meeting with Healy. Jorge Masvidal was then inserted into the vacancy but he too has been scratched from the scrap, leaving Healy in the difficult position of a short notice meeting with major implications on his career.

As implied from the recent decision to cut nearly all the fighters from this season’s TUF, the UFC is being a little bit stingier than before regarding fighters coasting into the UFC. Apparently this may apply to a number of Strikeforce fighters as well. It was always a given that a number of lower tier fighters wouldn’t be making the jump, but now it looks like even the Pat Healys aren’t safe.