Big Nog’s broken arm looked bad the night it happened and worse in x-ray form, but now we’re getting news that at least it won’t take surgery to fix:

“We’ve just had a medical diagnosis,” wrote Minotoro. “[Dr. Itamura] said he would prefer not to do surgery, that [the bone] will calcify by itself and that in five months, he’s fighting again.”

UFC officials referred Nogueira to Dr. Itamura, who prescribed twice-a-day ultrasound therapy and fitted “Big Nog” with a brace. The plastic accessory will allow Nogueira to move his arm, something the pure plaster of a hard cast would not.

Still unclear is if the UFC will welcome Nog back after his latest shudder-inducing loss. But what’s a little snapped humerus considering Nog’s battles through flesh eating staph and hip replacement surgery?