Fomer Strikeforce heavyweight title challenger (LOL) Brett Rogers and former WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner both tried to get their careers back on track at Titan Fighting Championships 20 in Kansas City last Friday, but both fell way, WAY short of that goal.

Rogers faced UFC washout veteran Eddie “Dirty” Sanchez (12-5), and while he displayed effective ground n’ pound in his last victory (later declared a No Contest by police), his gameplan for this fight was all wall n’ stall.  Like literally nothing but clinching Sanchez against the cage and leaning on him.  By the third round, even commentator Michael Schiavello was begging him to do something, anything.  Not that Sanchez was a whirlwind of activity either though.  With half a minute left, Rogers finally dumped Sanchez on his ass and unleashed the G&P… which lasted about 3 seconds, and then nothing.  Thankfully, two of the judges thought Sanchez’s leg kicks counted for more than Rogers’ fence-hugs, and gave Eddie the split decision.  You can watch the fight HERE, but you really shouldn’t.  Seriously, just don’t.  The cherry on top the shit-sundae was Frank Trigg talking about how Rogers could have transferred over to the UFC if not for that whole wife beating thing… oh yeah, cause a guy who’s been finished three times in a row in Strikeforce is exactly the kind of world-beater that the UFC’s looking for.

Jamie Varner’s fight was worth watching though (HERE), if only to observe how hard and fast champions can fall from grace.  Varner was supposed to fight Alonzo Martinez (32-14-1), but “Zo Diddy” apparently has some issues with the cops too, so some dude named Dakota Cochrane (10-1) took his place on only three days notice.  On paper that looks like a tall order for anyone, let alone an unknown bushleaguer, but Cochrane tore that paper to shreds.  Apart from a couple fairly brief dominant positions by Varner, Cochrane clearly dominated him for all three rounds.  “He’s seeing more openings than a gynecologist!”  Oh, Schiavello… you clever scamp.  Trigg scored the first round for Varner for some weird reason, but again the judges were smart enough to give all three rounds to Cochrane.  Awww, look at you, judges… you’re learning!

Varner later Tweeted “ull never c me fight again”, but then quickly deleted it, and his only Tweet since was to declare his love for strawberry cheesecake ice cream.  I would’ve gone with booze to drown my sorrows, but who am I to judge.  I presume Varner decided to give it one more shot when he remembered that he’s already booked to headline XFC 14 next month against Nate Jolly (10-3).  But with only one win in his last six fights, he’d better put down the ice cream and find his mojo quick, otherwise it’s either retirement or join Jens Pulver on the bus to Nowheresville.