There’s still no clear info regarding Brock Lesnar’s Saturday night pow-wow with Dana White, other than a rumor it didn’t go well. That pretty much kills speculation that Brock is coming back to fight in the UFC, because I’m pretty sure Dana would have dropped trou and presented if Lesnar brought that up.

That leaves us with the second most likely answer: it’s all part of a stupid pro wrestling storyline. I’ll turn you over to Cageside Seats for their wrasslin analysis:

Last night on Raw, WWE unsurprisingly failed to mention Brock Lesnar’s shocking appearance at UFC 146 to watch the main event between Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir, even though it would play into their current storyline of Lesnar quitting the company after Triple H refused his contractual demands and he broke Hunter’s arm over the snub.

This seemed to confirm that Vince McMahon was completely blindsided by Lesnar showing up in Las Vegas for his pay-per-view rival’s latest extravaganza. Indeed, Dave Meltzer on his subscriber only radio show today said that all his sources have told him that “this was all Brock’s idea”, though I’m sure he had some help from his confidante and political mastermind Paul Heyman. So what was Brock up to then?

Unfortunately, Brock is the tightest lipped sunuvabitch in the wrestling industry and Dana has recently started actively lying to people in order to keep his secrets under wraps. So unless one of those two guys decides they wanna let us in on the particulars of their meeting, the only thing we’re gonna get out of this is a Brock return ain’t looking likely. And even that might be an intentional deception.